Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ceiling Fan & Track Lighting

Three light ceiling tracks and matching wall mount light fixtures are now available in five glossy finishes with on - off feature.

Also new is a ceiling fan in antique brass and cherry with schoolhouse globe. The light gives real SL light and the blades are on - off to the touch. Find tracks and fan along with two new chandeliers in the open air decor area.

Monday, September 24, 2007

New for September

Here is an abbreviated list of some of the new products at Samara Studios:

  • Metro couch, love seat and posed couch in original Fall textures with matching Metro rug and table topper, pillows etc.
  • Serpentine couch (art deco), table and accessories
  • New peach suede and walnut couch to match those popular bean bags; coordinating rug and tall floor pillow
  • ROCKING CHAIRS in three styles, some with color changing linen cushions; male and female poses
  • Walnut and falling leaves (bright colors) living room set with chairs, bench, couch and coordinating accessories.
  • Settees in cherry (blue leaf), walnut (red velvet) and black (gray deco). (See post)
  • Corner curio cabinets in cherry, walnut and black (lighted with glass insert).
  • Wall hanging towel racks with towels in four colors for bath set
  • Toilet paper holder for bath set
  • New planter and plants, candles and other decor items

  • Meditation Fountain with Golden Water and Light Globe
  • Outdoor Patio with fireplace (see post)
  • Personal Park (see post)
  • Standing lanterns now come in brushed aluminum as well as black and "rusty"
  • Autumn trees with falling leaves in two sizes
  • Additional flexi flowers in two sizes and two colors
  • Monarch butterfly emitter


Stained glass formerly above the home store is now incorporated into the stained glass shop.

  • Country Workin' Boots for men and women
  • Spectator Boots for Women (see post)
  • Harness Boots for Men (see post)
  • New sale shop for shoes


An aquarium store and a decor and accessories shop have moved into the walkway shops between the Garden Department and the Arts Area.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Those Who Watch and Wait

Charles has a new sculpture outside his shop I see. His gallery (and Silk's oriental wall hangings) are at the far West side of the complex by the water. Stop by and see his lovely work, then TP to the labyrinth (wink).

Friday, September 21, 2007

Settee with Table

The newest addition to the Home Store is this darling settee with table and book. Shown here in black with gray fabric to coordinate with the serpentine couch, it also comes in cherry and blue leaf pattern as well as walnut and red velvet to go with the ever popular Sun Chair line. 15 prims in all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Conversation Patio Set

This outdoor patio set includes a crackling fire with sound and light feature as well as on/off smoke from the chimney. Flexi plants and posed seating area complete this 26 prim build. Just add your margaritas, burgers, straw plates (all included); invite your favorite people and wait for the magic to begin. Find it by the water in the Garden shop. -- And see, I TOLD you I loved those violet boots!!!!!!

Harness Boots for Men

Rich in detail and with custom leather textures, these high quality boots are sure to be a favorite. This style comes in five colors -- each with shiny antique brass trim and two toned accents. Choose the links below to see large photos of the different colors. The example above is SMOKE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Jewelry for Peace

Come get some absolutely LOVELY jewelry for free. This is "Jewelry for Peace" and includes a necklace, earring (one), bracelet and maybe more (honestly I am wearing the necklace and forgot about the rest but they are all based on the same design).

"Take a Copy" of this poster and then open when you get home. Share with others. That's the point. Poster locations are at the main home store entry point, the shoe store patio and at Charlie's sculpture shop (Charles Hera Fine Arts) at the far west end.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Jeweled Heart Armlet

This is a value packed item with three different gem styles to go with various outfit. Two sizes included (both for women) and the item is mod so you can adjust further if needed.

New Shoe Sale Shop!

I've been making so many new boots lately that even with enlargement the shoe store was getting crowded. So I added a small SALE shop right outside the main showroom. Currently there are three styles of shoes on sale for women and two pair for guys (don't worry guys I am working on some GREAT new boots for you).

Private Park

Now you can have your own private park right on your land. A 10 meter circular footprint is a space saver. Trees are one prim each and the bench includes two poses. Built in lighting for midnight viewing.

The Labyrinth Project

Now open at 294 meters! 3,600 square meter park in which to wander and meditate. Grab a note card from any of the Samara Studios teleport signposts or TP from the Charles Hera Fine Arts studio at the far west of the complex. I hope you enjoy walking it as much as I enjoyed building it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spectator Heels for Gals

High heeled boots that go from casual to slightly dressy. Subtlely two toned to show off the detail. Gold metal accents. Great with pants (you'll need pants as undies to fit inside those sleek boots) or sassy skirts. My personal favorite color -- so far -- is VIOLET! Who'd a thunk it?