Monday, March 31, 2008

Monthly Picks Drawing

Starting at the beginning of May (a month from now) I will be awarding a free SS item to someone from the Samara Studios Fashion group that has a Samara Studios store in their picks. It can be Classic Casuals, Collections or Shoes Simply Shoes. Just stand at your favorite spot and in your profile go to Picks. Then choose "new". The spot will appear in your picks. No need to do anything else. Each month a new winner will be chosen.

The random winner will get their choice of ANY Samara Studios Fashion item including fat packs and collection outfits. Currently that is up to $595 in value. The item chosen need not be in the area you have mentioned in your picks. I will keep randomly chosing a group member until I find someone with SS in their picks. If YOU are the only one -- you win! What a deal. LOL.

Sorry, but anyone in my Friends List can't win. Seems only fair. I give you guys stuff anyway from time to time (wink).

New White Jeans

The almost famous No Back Pocket Signature Jeans are now available in white for Spring and Summer. They come as both boot pants (tight undies layer) and regular pants. Two white flowered tanks are included in the pack. One is semi-sheer if you want your bra, tattoo or whatever! to show through. Tops in all three layers each. $150 for the pack.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free Lag Free

So -- I was over at the Bewitched Hair Hunt today having a great time with the gals (all 100 of them and some guys too -- at least it seemed that way). We were moving through the muck slowly and falling into the ground as we can on the weekends at "Phil's Place". And we were hunting and yelling out finds and having a great time -- until we couldn't BUY!!!!! So much lag with so many people. And the "old-timers" (I have to assume it was them /us but didn't check) were trying to get some of the folks with hundreds of prims and scripts and such to get a bit more naked to no avail. I eventually left without getting all my finds and will return this eve.

MEANTIME the point of this story is that EVEN though another hunter and I had on only TWO textures (pants and a top for me), we could have had on EVEN LESS if our clothes were in with our skins! What an idea! I imagine someone else has already done this, but I haven't ever seen it mentioned. So, you can get my Lag Free outfit (a version of some Samara Studios classics) in Classic Casuals in the "specials" area in the middle.

Please remember that in a laggy environment, AOs (you need to DETACH them, not just turn off) and HAIR as well as obviously things like multi-prim jewelry and the like are killers. So if you really don't want to go bald, you can make up some hair in the appearance editor. I had forgotten all that and had a time getting my "bald base" to become hair. It was fun though and a walk down memory lane.

And if you want to wear the jeans as jeans and the skin as skin -- hey that's fine. I added some of my new hair from Bewitched and it makes a pretty snazzy outfit.

Have fun. Shop responsibly and ALMOST NAKED if needed. And guys you can wear this too if you aren't too put off by the makeup (wink).

Friday, March 28, 2008

White Painted Jeans

Just up at Classic Casuals @ Samara Studios are these summery — we all seem to be SO anxious for that warmer weather to show up — No Back Pocket signature jeans. They come with leaves or flowers in a rainbow of pastel colors so they go with MANY lovely light hues. Each pair comes in both slacks version and pants for boots version (undies) so you get four pair in a pack. Mod - Copy - No Transfer. Bolero top not included.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Group and Welcome Gift

So I have finally started a group! If you decide to join in and be included in future product updates, group hunts, gifts and the like, please drop by Samara Studios -- the fashion side of the plaza. You can join via the SL group functions of course, but you need to come to the shop to pick up your free gifts (shown above).

Just click on any of the large signs with your SAMARA STUDIOS FASHION tag activated and you will receive a gift box with 3 tops, 2 pant, tied sweater, shoes and earrings. Various layers are included.

There is a $10 Linden charge to join. This is not to make me rich, but to deter come and go spammers (one of the main reasons I haven't made a group before). I notice that Icing has changed her group policy to reflect a charge and I am in total agreement, both as a retailer and a group participant. So in making this great gift pack, I hope to keep you smiling.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Petite and BBW Shapes

Two new petite shapes have been added to the shape collection.

And we now have BBW shapes. All shapes are mod copy so you can adjust as needed. They all come with four cups sizes. Shown here with "B"s. Find them in the central courtyard of Classic Casuals.

Cassie is now one of our Samara Studios models! Well why not?

Bolero Tops - 10 in all!

Up tomorrow morning -- a variety of bolero tops in two layers each (shirt and jacket). Wear them with virtually anything. They are great with pants, flirty skirst and even as a shrug for long dresses on chilly evenings. The plain dotted texture variety comes in six colors and the fun black and colored dots in four. Fat packs of each style will be available too as well as a GIANT fat pack deeply discounted. All are copy only.

Also available in TEAL, and TAUPE, not shown here. Find them in the main area of Classic Casuals.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Harness Belt Pack

A harness belt to go with almost everything? You got it. Four colors of three sizes each. Wear them at your waist, below your waist, at a sassy angle. Twelve Mod - Copy - No Transfer belts in all for only $95 for the PACK. Demo for size available below this vendor. Find them on the far wall near the color change leg warmers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

St. Pat's Shoe Special

By request and just in time for the 17th - Untied sandals in a cute green plaid (with a touch of orange and blue that is a bit hard to see here). Find them for $95 in the center of the Classic Casuals courtyard by the free tank top. Enjoy

Monday, March 10, 2008

St. Pat's Gifts & Specials

And a Happy St. Paddie's Day to ya!

I am part Irish in RL and actually probably Irish in SL from my looks - LOL. Still, I get a bit overwhelmed with the GREEN of it all -- especially the give aways. So, I decided to make something that was in keeping with the holiday that people could ALSO wear the rest of the year.

The tank is FREE and comes in all three top layers. Copy Only. Find it in the middle of Classic Casuals by the new pillar posts and other specials.

The No Back Pocket signature jeans in Loden Green (well to MATCH of course) are on special for 50 linden. You get both slacks version and pants for boots. These are Mod - Copy - No Transfer.

Right next to these two deals are four mark downs for 10 Linden each including some sets of pants and sweaters.


On a side note, I have changed ALL the clothes to No Transfer. People were losing too many things due to database errors. Since Copy items seem to disappear MUCH less often (I have actually never lost a copy item, but several no copy things disappeared and NEVER returned) this seems like a good plan. I can (and will up to 30 days) also replace any items that never arrived due to "SL issues".

Most items are available for gift giving through OnRez. So I think this will work out well for everyone.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

SS on OnRez

Just a quick post to say that I am adding items to an OnRez store. I am starting with clothing collections (pretty much finished today) and moving on to the rest of the single item clothes and then shoes. If I don't get TOO burned out, I will add many of the home store items also -- or at least the big ticket items (wink) , but I may need a rest in between there.

You can find my OnRez store in progress at:

This is a LOT of work for thousands of items but I will work at it a bit at a time. If you have purchased any of the collections and are fans, please feel free to share you thoughts with the ratings. Thanks.

This will also let you send gifts to friends and I know some of you have been wanting that. So give me some time. I'm working my way towards the shoes (wink).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Untied Sandals

The newest addition to Shoes Simply Shoes -- and the best women's shoes I've made to date -- are now out. The wooden stacked heels are high; the grommets abundant; the ties casually NOT tied. Somewhere between classy and fun, these sandals go with many different types of outfits.

They come in five colors. The smoke and charcoal leathers are matched with a rich dark mahogany heel which gives them a more businesslike air. The brownish tones of putty, latte and chestnut are paired with a stacked wooden heel in a variety of coordinating wood tones.

These shoes are Copy Only. A real life example greets you on the display case at the front of the store. Find them at Shoes Simply Shoes in the Samara Studios complex.

Twilight Delight on SALE!

Mostly for the fashcon guys on my post day -- the NEW Twilight Delight series will be on sale until 9 PM SL time.

$175 single dresses are $95 and the $350 fatpack of three is now $250.

There is also a new bonus skirt in the Afternoon Delight package -- the original price applies.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Twilight Delights Long Dresses

There's nothing that makes you feel as MUCH like a girl (IMHO) than a long spring or summer cotton dress -- one that moves with the breeze. Twilight Delights gives you three options of these feminine garments -- a small flowered peach and green print on beige, light gray on white, and golden lilies on green. You can buy each dress individually or get one free in the fat pack. The tops come in both shirt and jacket (a bit longer to wear with other outfits perhaps) layers. Skirts and leggings are mod - copy. Find it at Classic Casuals near the shapes.