Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clothes for Women - Upcoming Releases

New outfits and single items as well as discount mulitpacks will be added November 1 in the current Halloween storefront.

Sweater jackets -- both lightweight and heavy knits -- are well represented in the new designs as well as my Skinny - No Back Pocket Jeans. (Who needs there butt looking any bigger? I certainly don't! )

Think warm and fuzzy, comfortable and HUGGABLE!

[The overlapping side buttoned sweater shown above comes with leather pants as slacks and boot cut. It is also available in charcoal.]

Clothes for Women - Boatneck Sweaters & Minis

These short boatneck sweaters come with leather charcoal mini skirt and belt (textured into top). Complete the look with charcoal Spectator Boots. With their modest prices you can opt for several colors.

Clothes for Women - Leather & Lowriders

These highly detailed short leather jackets pair with fun low rider belted pants in fine striped texture. Each set comes with tops as shirts and jackets as well as pants as slacks and for boots.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clothes for Women - Dressy Denim

A third clothing collection has been added to the courtyard. This group features a belted jacket, print skirts (as shown and mini), signature stockings, long sleeved print blouse, textured tank and six pants (three as styled for boots). These coordinates can take you from work to play and after hours.

This is the last of the big collections for awhile. Single outfits will be added soon!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clothes for Women - Tawny Sweater and Suede

Just up at Samara Studios is Tawny - Sweater and Suede. Tops in this 10 piece collection include a belted sweater (as jacket) with sleeve extensions, a snowflake print blouse and a striped (low backed) tank. Two sets of suede slacks and one low rider knit pant are included along with boot versions. A saucy little suede flexi skirt with glitch pants completes the mix and match set.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clothes for Women - Remembrance

I am very happy to announce my first collection of clothes for women. This package includes three tops (short high neck, short V neck and a longer jacket version of the high neck). It also includes 6 pants -- three as slacks and three boot cut (pants as undies). A flexi skirt with flexi sash completes this mix and match collection. Teal and rose editions are also available.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halloween Gifts from Samara

Festive Halloween shoes can be found in both the shoe store and the Holiday Shop -- one for guys and one for gals.

These are buy for 0 Linden thank you gifts.

I really do appreciate your continued patronage and lovely IMs.

Have a great Halloween!

Snuggly Wedgies for Gals

New at Shoes Simply Shoes are these comfy casual wedgies. They come in a large variety of colors including fake fur.

Please note that no virtual animals were harmed to make these shoes (wink).

They have black fuzzy insoles and can be used as slippers. Still with the silver and onyx details they could easily pass for dressier shoes. The choice is yours of course.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Halloween Shop Now Open

The Holiday Shop is now featuring Halloween goodies. Items include a fountain of blood, Autumn tree with falling leaves, Trick or Treat apple giver, Trick or Treat bag with it's own lighting, Halloween Banners and a VERY friendly flying flexi ghost (he seems to be a big hit already).

Get your $1 Linden Halloween cards and gift boxes too!

More items will be added as the 31st approaches. The Holiday Shop will feature Halloween items until the end of the month and then Christmas, Hannukah and other festive occasions will be the stars of the show.