Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Samara Studios is officially closed. A small shop remains at Ivy Falls until the end of the year. It's been fun. Thanks for the kind notes of goodbye. I'll still be around although definitely not as much or as visibly.

Feel free to keep up with my adventures on another grid at my other blog HERE.


Monday, December 15, 2008

More on the Closing

I posted a couple of days ago that Samara Studios (all parts) will be closing. Since then I have received a lot of nice "sorry you are leaving - I love your clothes" message which I truly appreciate as well as quite a few people wanting to buy my goods as full perm products. So it seemed wise to clarify what is happening to Samara Studios.


I am still busily creating although mostly in the prim areas on the Openlife grid where I have a sim named FANTASTIC (really).

I am not interesting in selling any of my goods as full perms objects. Actually I am against that in practice as well as spirit believing that those that make the goods should be the sole benefactors of sales (smile).

So, that sets that straight. There will be a few things on the OnRez site still unless my OnRez box refuses to make the move to my new 512 abode. There will be no other store. I am not planning on a new store in a few months or anything like that. Things change of course, but all my apples are currently in a basket in Openlife where I am having a glorious time with great new building tools and more to come.

For those of you thinking "oh a new grid!" -- Openlife is NOT READY from prime time. If you are a builder you might love it there if your sense of adventure is great enough. But beware, do your homework and ask questions.

I will still be at Phil's. I am paid up until the end of September at least so I have no plans to kill myself off. But for the near future, I have left the building.

Samara Studios will be closing for good (people have been asking that also) around Christmas. Since there are issues ("issues") with the estate holder I don't know the exact day. It may be longer, but I can't guarantee that.

Until it goes up in a poof of "Return to Owner" magic, all FASHION will be on sale for 50% off.

That's pretty much the whole story and will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful holiday season. I am glad I was here when I was here!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Two years or so ago I moved Samara Studios to Gembong. Now I'm closing. I am not going to site "real life" as that has no influence at all (smile). I am simply no longer having fun. Money is good, fun is better. 1,800 missing STORE items from my inventory that will never return helped make my decision and so did some land issues. All in all, just not fun.

So, I'll be closing soon. I can't tell you the EXACT date as my tier posts are not really on REAL time (in any sense of the word) but I suspect around and about 10 days which is close to Christmas for those of you that celebrate.

So -- Merry Christmas to you all. And if you want any Samara Studios fashions they are half price (sometimes a bit less) for clothes, shoes, shapes, skins and the popular photo studio. When I close I will be moving on in many senses of the word. A few things will still be at OnRez if my box survives the transfer to my new 512 (ocean view - yeah) lot.

The Home and Garden store will be closing too as well as Ivy Falls (no sale there so go to the main store). I am not marking down the home store items. Just too many and too much work.

I wish you all the best. It's been great. I was glad I was here in the last years. I look forward to the future. See ya around and about perhaps.


PS. The Peace On Earth ball is no longer hidden at ALL. It will be out as long as I am here so come get it now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Peace On Earth Hunt

Here is my gift for the Peace on Earth Hunt. The new Callie skin in a special holiday version in sunkissed with rose eye shadow and deep red lipstick. It is exclusive to this hunt.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet Callie - New Skins @ Samara Studios

Three skin tones, five lip colors - two matte and three gloss, and three styles of eye makeup (ebony skin in Casual only). Find them in the alcove near this month's specials. Packs and demos available as well as a LIMITED TIME DOLLARBIE skin -- Callie in sunkissed - natural.

That's what I've been doing these past couple of weeks. Cheers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Value Packs

Some of the best selling items in Casuals are now available in value packs. Perfect if you are newish but even if you are not. They seem very popular and I am glad of that. Find them in the Casual Section at Samara Studios.

Click for larger views:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Courtyard Shops Available

It's a long story but after LL lost 10% of my inventory including all my holiday products (grr - sigh - whine), I decided to do something unplanned with my courtyard. It was immense, going to waste really and since I most likely won't need it for a holidays shop ......

I made a cute little shopping area. It's been a fun day. There are now six small, 50 prims shops in the HEART of Samara Studios -- celebrating its 2nd anniversary in the same spot. That's almost unheard of in our flexible world.

These shops rent monthly and directly to me as I hate those floating rental boxes and floating text. If you are in need of a tasteful shop, drop by and click on a rental info sign.

Renters are of course welcome to join in any Samara Studios hunts, celebrations and the like.

The shops are in the central courtyard between Fashion and Home stores.