Friday, December 28, 2007

Falling Leaves Taupe Collection - FREE!

The Falling Leaves collection includes blouse, flexi scarf (mod), prim belt (mod), leggings and plain slacks.

The TAUPE ONLY version is free though January.

Other colors -- charcoal, blue, olive, copper -- are discounted though January. ALL are no transfer items.

Find them prominantly displayed in the courtyard between Classic Casuals and Live The Dream clothing areas.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Live The Dream - Now open!

Live The Dream is now open.

Step slightly -- oh so slightly -- out of your comfort zone at Live the Dream.

This brand new section of Samara Studios lies right down the courtyard from Classic Casuals.

The Wanderlust collection (pictured) reminds us of romantic times. It comes with a belted blouse, a tuck in blouse, a mid-length skirt, leggings and leather pants (both slacks and boot cut). Matching boots are available. The blouse can be worn with or without prim sleeves (two sizes are included for easy editing). The blouse can be purchased separately.

Velossity racing leather sets (see earlier post) come in three colors with knee slides and modify decals. These are available in both men and womens sizes (prim parts). Jackets are available separately.

Collections often include coordinating shoe options as well as some unisex items.

If we only have one life -- let's Live The Dream!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spectators in White!

Just a quick note that the very popular Spectator boots are now available in white. Perfect for some holiday snowball fighting or walking in winter wonderland vistas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sneak Peak at 2008!

There are some fairly major changes on the way in 2008 for Samara Studios. It seemed only fair to let the folks that come by the blog be on the "inside" of it all (wink).

In thanks to all the people who have embraced my Classic Casual fashions I will be continuing with CLOTHES. This blog will showcase fashion news only (it was almost there anyway - LOL).

Along with the designing comes a need for SPACE. I am a true believer in BIG vendor pictures. How can anyone be expected to buy from the tiny and blurry photos after all. So-------- the Home store will be moving across the plaza by stained glass. What was the home store will become an extended area for fashions making the whole East side of Samara Studios a dedicated place of BEAUTY!!!! Yeah!

For those of you who mostly shop for home and garden items, rest assured they will continue to be added to and changed as always. I love to build in world and won't be abandoning that any times soon.

The fashions in the new store will be a step away from Casual Classics. Don't worry, the basics will be continue to be added to also. We ALL need "Everyday clothes at Everyday prices". I understand the need to feel at ease in SL outfits that mirror our RL wardrobes. It is a comfort zone many of us embrace. At the same time -- we have the ability in SL to step out of our boxes just a bit and that is what this next store is dedicated to.

The first collection is called Velossity (and yes, I DO know that isn't how Webster spells it)! I started working on this for a RL and SL friend who races and wanted some racing leathers that looked more like RL ones. Along they way I discovered that I, Samara, was having a GREAT time trying on these outfits (/me smiles broadly). And isn't SL supposed to be fun?

So come embrace your slightly more adventurous side in 2008. It's a new year and if we only live once -- let's make the most of it.

Look for changes to begin after Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Asymmetrical - More colors

The very popular dusty rose asymmetrical outfit is now available in five additional colors as well as a fat pack. Each outfit also includes leggings in the same color as the skirt. Nylons and belts included. Find them in the courtyard.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Secret Santa Signup

Want to spread a bit of cheer in SL? Sign up to be a Second Style Secret Santa. (Your secret is safe until AFTER Christmas anyway).

Just click on the poster at the clothing store to get a note card with more info or to sign up.

AND if you already signed up either at Samara Studios or another location please note that due to some problems, Celebrity lost those first three days of participants. So, come sign up again. You don't want to miss out.

Anniversary Giveaway - The Results

Just after midnight and the tally for the day is in. The event which ended at 9 PM saw over 1,500 items being given away with a value well over 75,000 Linden. Most popular was the Christmas Holiday outfit (not really a part of the ANNIVERSARY giveaway it will be available until the end of 2007 - see previous post) with the Asymmetrical sweater set coming in a close second.

Thanks to everyone who came by and made the anniversary party a success and gold stars to all the ladies who got a complete outfit!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bra and Panty Sets

Just up in the clothes store -- bra and panty sets in four colors. These hip-hugging undies lie somewhere between practical (it isn't ALWAYS a nasty word) and sassy. These slightly sheer sets come in pink stars, blue stars, smoky swirls, and classic white with a flowered overlay.

A money saving fat pack is available also.

New Lighting

Somewhere between Modern and Deco lies the newest floor lamp in the Samara Studios family. Real SL lighting with on - off touch control, it comes in a three different finishes.

Find it in the Home store as well as the courtyard by the clothes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shearling Jacket

Perfect for the colder climates of SL, ice skating, snowball fighting and other fun activities, this shearling jacket comes with dark brown mock turtleneck (from the turtleneck family of sweaters just released). Wear it with the jacket to show through JUST a touch or be slightly risqué an let a bit of skin show through! The jacket comes with an invisible shirt layer to add a bit of thickness to the mix (shown) or wear without for curvy warmth.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sneak Peak Giveaway

Just in case you were wondering whether you wanted to show up for that anniversary giveaway next Saturday....... here is a picture of the free anniversary outfit. Sweater, Leggings, Skirt, Signature nylons and Belt.

And don't forget there are shoes too!

Total value of the outfit with shoes on Sunday when it's no longer free? $425 Lindens. And yes, there will be more colors available then (wink).

Friday, December 7, 2007

Turtleneck Sweater Sets

It's winter in my part of the world and even if it can ALWAYS be sunny in SL, I have a hankering for some cozy warmth from time to time. These new sweater sets give you the option of four styles. They come as mock turtlenecks with -- or without -- a wide, highly detailed, waste-cinching belt (as texture) . An optional prim turtleneck attachment ads a bit of extra warmth for those really chilly days, ice skating parties and the like.

As a bonus, textured tights are included. Well OF COURSE they exactly match the belt! When you make your clothes in a graphics program you have ultimate power (wink).

The sweaters come in gray (shown), olive, dusty rose, teal and charcoal. Find them on the back wall of the courtyard across from the main store.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anniversary Event - Mark your calendar!

Samara Studios celebrates one year in Gembong! Yeah!

Mark your calendar for December 15th when there will be an abundance of Good Free Stuff for the taking -- or finding as the case may be. ALL ITEMS ARE FROM THE FLOOR of Samara Studios general merchandise. No BIAB; No public domain; No "seconds".

Here's how it works:
  • In the home, garden and stained glass areas there will be numerous (5 - 10 each event hour) items right in their same spots where you can buy them for 0 Lindens. The items will change between -- and sometimes DURING -- event hours! Some items will be free all day, some for half an hour etc. All items will be No Transfer.
  • In the Fashion area, there will be a NEW outfit given away. Each piece will be available ONLY during the particular event time. If you come to all four events sessions you will have a first quality Samara Studios ensemble that goes on the wall for sale the next day.
  • In shoes there will be a pair to go with the outfit of course! Look for them on the wall and buy for 0. If you know the shoe store well (and some of your REALLY do) you will find it quickly.
Event hours run from 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 and 6-9 SL times.

Don't miss out on this event!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Second Style - On the Cover!

Here I am on the COVER of Second Style! My favorite "flirty lace top" looks so good -- and that HAIR!!! (wink).

Well yes, I am on the cover -- but you can be too. Second Style Magazine now has a photo shoot set up at their new offices at Le Zoo. So if you ALWAYS wanted to be a cover girl -- now's your chance.

And if you just want some coffee table magazines for you home or office, this "issue" as well as another are available on the coffee table in the courtyard by the clothes.

Ah -- the fame! The glory! The flat stomach (wink).

Remodel Complete!!!!

WHEW! If you happened by in the last two days, you may have noticed some changes underway. Well except for some some new signs and a little tweaking here and there -- I'm done! Woot!

Samara Studios is almost a year old in Gembong (see an upcoming post about the celebration and MAJOR give away - hunt -- soon I promise!). So ALL that gray tile simply HAD to go. Along with a brighter and happier look -- I was aiming for ENCHANTING and thing I did pretty well. There is definitely a more open feel.

Bridges are gone (replaced by the courtyard you see in the photo). Roofs have been deleted with a giant DEL and you can now fly over and find things easily. The garden department now has some very friendly grass, and while you might have to walk a bit further, I suspect that you will be able to SEE things better.

All in all I am very happy with the new look. Thanks to the Hearts for the lovely BLUE TREES and Charlie for making a special sculpture for the courtyard! How cool can you get?