Friday, February 29, 2008

Hybrid III Upgrade

Just a purely personal post to say I have just upgraded from a Hybrid II to III skin-- just out at Nevermore Studios -- Sovereign Crux (150, 62, 622). Same skin tone, same basic makeup but much nicer with more definition and better lips. I was very happy with my old Hybrid II but this is more sophisticated I think and keeps within my same look. I gained a year or two but it has been that so only fair.

I am a happy camper here doing my little happy dance as I go off to read in the real world -- are we sure WHICH is exactly the REAL world? :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Afternoon Delight

Springtime calls for fun, flirty and feminine garb -- for lots of us anyway. Afternoon Delight features a very low back, tiny straps with flower petal accents at the shoulders, a choice of three skirts, slacks (when added to the top make a jumpsuit), leggings and of course glitch pants. The top comes as both shirt and jacket (longer) layers. Find it near the shapes in the Classic Casuals section.

I added a bonus skirt to the Afternoon Delight Collection; it now comes with a choice of FOUR skirt lengths and styles.

This is the same skirt as the Twilight Delight dresses.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shapes at SS!

Some favorite shapes are back as well as a group of new ones. Heights now range from 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 5, from thin to well rounded (wink). All shapes are mod - copy - no transfer and come with A, B, C, D cup versions in a pack. Thanks to Windlight and my new photo studio lighting! I'm very happy with the pics. $250 each pack.

Models shown in B cup versions.
Find them in the Classic Casuals section right by the Fashcon TP point.

Friday, February 22, 2008

MAYA Collection - LTD

MAYA is the newest of the Live the Dream coordinating collections at Samara Studios. It features 11 pieces including bolero peek top, bolero peek top with sheer tank, long sleeved light peach top (shirt and undershirt layers), flirt skirt, trimmed shorts which also work as optional glitch shorts, 4 pants - with and without slash pockets - regular and boot cut, Tied Up gauze shirts in regular and petite sizes. Plain glitch pants are also included. And perhaps best of all (well I really love the bolero, so maybe not) is the high waisted belt (separate) that can be used with either skirt or pants. It also includes a Windlight friendly version of the skirt.

No Transfer, Some Mod. $495 in the collections store.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty in Pink

This is my look of the afternoon -- and no the overalls are NOT mine. Sometimes we just want to PLAY and today was that kind of day for me. So when a fashcon notice came out with these overalls from Lisa Marie's at Barks/21/117/24 - I went to see. And they are SO VERY CUTE. I am not a girlie girl, but these are perfect. No frills and just enough feminine details (they DO come in colors besides pink) to remind yourself that these are NOT your grandfather's overalls.

And SO I went out to play in the fields. I have been really getting into photography of late (hence photo studio - remodel of shoe store with "art" et al) and I remembered seeing giant pink flowered fields. Well here I am in the Wizard of Oz esce countryside. Only in one direction unfortunately which meant I had to shoot into the sun. But challenges are good and I had a great time.

Overalls by lisaper Petrov. A blouse from the Tawny collection, a Tied Up shirt in white gauze and Elana Sandals in rose from my shop make a fantastic combo I think. Earrings (free) by Untone (they are the pink version). Ah the coordination (wink).

Poses by TorridWear and Long Awkard Pose.

Sometimes it's just plain fun to get into OTHER DESIGNER'S gear!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shoe Store Remodel

With some great poses from Long Awkward Pose -- Carolina Beach 21/164/22 -- , a modicum of patience and a LOT of changing outfits, the shoe store at Samara Studios has a face lift. It might look more like an art gallery than a shoe store, but I was getting OH so tired of all those shoes in circles. The shoes are still there. Even the circles are in evidence, but I hope the new layout and ambiance will be both pleasing and easier to shop. So take a look at the new Shoes Simply Shoes when you are in the neighborhood.

You get bonus points (not redeemable for ANYTHING of import) if you can guess where all the photos were taken. These two are easy. The others a bit more of a challenge.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Color Change Leg Warmers

It can still be a tad chilly as we move from winter to spring -- and even if you aren't cold, these new color change leg warmers are just CUTE. They work well with heels as well as some boots (just wear the bottoms). Change to any of 60 colors in the chat window. They are Mod- Copy so you can save the perfect color with its matching outfit.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tied Up Shirts and Sweaters

Casual accessories can be tricky. When you want to look classic as WELL as casual in your spring pants outfits, why not try one of the new Tied Up shirts or sweaters. The sweaters feature a knit texture and come in four colors. Two sizes (regular and petite) are included in each set. The shirts are a gauze weave and come in five colors. They attach to the stomach and work with some systems skirts also. Fat packs are available for both styles.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Explorer Sandals for Men

Just out - Explorer Sandals for Men in tan, chestnut and charcoal versions. Detailed with no sculpties and perfect for casual wear throughout the warmer months. $225 per pair. These fit up to size 25 foot. Copy Only. A discounted Fat Pack is also available.

Find them at Shoes Simply Shoes

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Harness Belts in 8 colors

Just arrived - Harness Belts in eight colors. These come in a three pack (small, medium and large) and are mod - copy. Wear them at your waist or hips. They attach to pelvis so work best with pants and system skirts. See a prim version on the display stand at the entry to the shoe store. These are available in BOTH the shoe store and Classic Casuals. Belts are 75 Linden a three pack. Large fits many guys and there are instructions for resizing if you need to fine tune. DEMOS for size are available at the store. Fat pack for either classic colors or Spring colors are available also.

Also new are more colors of the popular Primavera sandals - smoke, latte and charcoal. So there are belts and matching sandals in eight colors. I was pretty sure you could do the math on that, but still :)

Find them at Shoes Simply Shoes

Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo Studio Free Use

I spent the major part of the day making a photo studio that people can use for free. There is a large variety of backdrops (both RL and SL street scenes and such as well as plain). You simply click on the backdrop to change the photo. The floor works the same way. There are all black versions of both the backdrop and floor as well as a nondescript gray; these can be used for photos you will take into a graphics program. The solid black floor works as a riser of sorts to make it look as though you are REALLY in the backdrop.

The lights -- all eleven of them -- work independently so you can get the effect you are looking for. There are instructions in a vendor on the wall.

The rules are simple. No nudity; no violence; play nicely :)

There also a new, private and quite lovely changing room adjacent to the photo platform. Anyone can use that also. There are pose stands and good lighting as well as a place for a friend to sit, chat and advise on your wardrobe choices (wink).

Find all this in the Collections area at:

(That is a 25 Z cooridnent there - for some reason it won't come up but map seems correct. Sorry.)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Samara Studios Photo Contest

I really love the photo contests that are going on now and I woke up this morning thinking that the cavernous clothing collections shop (it used to be the Home Store for goodness sakes) could use some filling up. I'll get there eventually with clothes collections, but some of those bare walls are getting to me. And So ---

I am looking for fun, romantic, beautiful, dangerous -- you name it -- shots of people in my outfits. Primarily these would be the multi-pieced collections as I will be moving all the collections to that area (Gembong West 224/70/28) in the future. So if you are one of the multitude with the "flirty lace top", I hope you love it-- but I don't need a picture of it - LOL.

I know there is a lot of work involved so I want to make this worth your while. Presumably you love taking photos anyway ( I definitely do) so this should be FUN and not a JOB!

Prizes for any of the pictures chosen (I need a few so this isn't a one only thing) are:
  • Your choice of any of the collections (value up to $595)
  • 1000 Linden gift voucher (transferable) that can be used in for ANY Samara Studios goods (shoes, sailboat, home, garden etc. -- this does NOT include the vendor shops on the far side of my complex - sorry).
  • 500 Lindens in cash.
  • Your photo on the blog (ah the fame).
I REALLY want to give these prizes away and have some fun new pictures around the shop, but quality photography and layout are a must here :) Be creative!

Hints: If your photo has another person in it (this is fine), YOU should be the center of attention. So your boyfriend for example should be holding you from the back or whatever).

NO nudity (we are showing off clothes after all).
NO overt violence.

Send uploaded photos IN A NOTECARD (Photoshop type enhancements are fine - at least 512 in one dimension) to Samara Kasshiki. They need to be full perm of course. Include your avatar name, photographer if it is not you, location if appropriate. Be sure you have permission for anyone ELSE in the photo.

Note: I will ONLY be using these in my store and on the blog. If you do NOT want to be on the blog just let me know and I will not post :) By sending in your photos to me, you understand that I "may" crop them or further change them before they show up in the store.

There really is no deadline per se as I would like to make this an ongoing event, but I would also like to make some additions to the store soon, so I will make my FIRST decisions on February 25. So send in some great pictures.

Thanks so much!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Face Light with HUD and Fashcon

There is a new free facelight with hud that is SUCH an improvement over the others. It is a must if you take photos in SL or simply want to look your best. Find it here, * Gembong West 226/116/23 * RIGHT next to the Fashcon poster (I am brand new and not in the listing yet) and right around the corner from the FREE pink undies set for February. Now how can you go wrong?