Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FREE Holiday Outfit!

It's the holidays and time to celebrate! How better than with something cheerfully FREE?

This first quality holiday gift comes with low-rider pants for boots as well as slacks (belt as texture). The sweater has snowflake details that will carry you through the wintry months with some sassy style.

Find it at the main entrance to the clothing store.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

V Neck Sweaters with Belt

Can a sweater be both cuddly and sultry? Maybe so. This new V neck with small shawl collar certainly seems to fit the definitions. It comes with a built in belt -- no sizing necessary.

Available in Dusty Rose (shown), camel, smoke, charcoal and cobalt. Available in a Fat Pack of 5 (discounted).

Shown here with the charcoal lowrider pants from the leather set, it also works well with black jeans or your favorite dark skirt.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reheli Boots

There's nothing terribly TAME about these new boots. Basic black? Well -- yes (wink) but with shiny textured silver accents and "engraved" touches, they certainly stand out in a crowd. Still sleek, still classy -- but definitely statement makers.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Piano in Walnut

As promised a slightly higher prim piano is now available. Sleek and stylish, it still has only 13 prims -- including the bench. Both song books are included in this package also. See it RIGHT next to the low prim cherry version between the home store and holiday items.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Chilly weather brings a need for jackets -- even in SL.

Just in, a double breasted short coat in five colors. It comes with an optional shirt to make the jacket look more "bulky" (shown).

If you really want to look svelte (wink) you can leave this off and be VERY form fitting.

The jackets come in sienna, charcoal, cobalt, olive and cranberry. A fat pack (discount) is also available.

Low Prim Piano and Songbooks

Just in time for the holidays --- a low prim (7 for piano and bench) with TWO songbooks! "Away in a Manger" for the holidays and "Midsummer Sky" for quiet times all year round.

The piano comes with animation. Just click either of the books to open the music and start the sound files. Click again to close. You can have either or both of the books at the piano as you choose. The music comes with a preloader so MOST times (you know SL!) the music plays swiftly and well the first time. It continues until you close the book. Piano and bench are mod so you can change the wood tone to match your decor if needed.

Find the piano near the main Home Store entrance by the holiday items.

Look for a fancier version of this piano very soon. If you've GOT those prims -- why not flaunt 'em!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Flirty Lace Top

I LOVE this top!!!!!!

Great detail, short and flirtateous -- it goes with everything from slinky skirts to sexy jeans.

Also available in smoke (a medium gray). Find it in the newly remodeled clothes store.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shoes - Up Close and Personal

Prim richness DOES have its advantages (see the new garden annex post)! With all those extra prims I am able to once again have EACH pair of shoes on display. See them in all their prim glory on stands in the rear of the store. Sale items have move back into the shoe store proper also. So, there is no need to go hunting for bargains; everything is in one spot.

Don't forget to check the lucky chair. It now contains CLOTHES!

Garden Department Annex !

More room -- more prims! The garden store has been expanded across the bay. With more room comes more prims and MORE ITEMS for you (wink)! A few things have moved, so if you can't find your favorite items, just IM Samara Kasshiki and I'll send you a SLURL. Meanwhile its lovely to have the extra space and water. Come visit!

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Colors for Signature Jeans

The very popular No Back Pocket Signature Jeans now come in two new colors -- stonewashed black and black. The stonewashed version has a more casual look while the solid black work well with dressier outfits. In my mind we can NEVER have too many great fitting jeans. Each set comes as boot jeans and jeans as slacks and includes a tank in both undershirt and shirt layers. Find them at the newly remodeled clothing store.

Fantasy Dream Tent

With both meditation animations (2) and cuddle poses this getaway spot is a place for quiet conversations and contemplations. The tent floats over an ever-changing water pool and comes complete with fantasy light effects. Subtly private and intimately romantic, the dream tent coordinates with the multi-pose magical lounger -- well NATURALLY!

Multi-pose Magical Lounger

This VERY romantic lounger is perfect for sunset cuddling. Actually its pretty perfect any time -- even when you are alone. Click on the pillows for intimate poses with your special someone. And if your are still LOOKING for him or her, you can lounge thoughtfully with a 90 second (fantastic) relaxation animation. Drapery and particle lighting make this a very special piece of furniture for either inside or outdoors. Modify the colors and textures (not the animation) if you like or send it to a friend as a loud hint that you could USE some more together moments.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Skating Snowman

He is SO cute! The skating snowman comes complete with particle snowflakes and holiday music on touch. He skates in a circle on an optional snow platform.

Perfect for larger venues, malls and such-- even your own front yard. His flexi scarf blows in the breeze. Don't you just want to HUG him?

Portland Saturday Market

Samara joins the Portland Oregon Saturday market at 21st Avenue, Portland. A recreation of some of the highlights of the Northwest city along with a complete 21st Avenue. Come visit, see the market (always open - rain or shine) and enjoy the atmosphere of one of America's "best" cities (wink). Events in the offing. Watch the listings.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Satin Drape Tops for Gals

Just right for the holidays, these sultry, low slung drape tops pair easily with your favorite black pants, sassy short skirt or something a bit more reserved.

They come in five colors including cobalt (shown), teal, emerald, rose and gold.

As always you have the option of the all color discount pack -- perfect for when you just CAN'T make up your mind.

Fantasy Flyer Vehicle

Who says all "airplanes" need to look mechanical. Samara Studios has two, fun and COLOR-FILLED flyers. Each vehicle will hold up to three persons. The owner gets to fly, but passengers are welcome. Each position comes with a pose (one is an animation) and flying is simple using arrow and page up and down keys. Motion keys and mouse movement is also an option.

The flyer even has a beacon to let you know where you may have left if after a long night of partying.

Two versions are available - Copy Only and Transfer Only. The transfer version comes complete with gift box and packing instructions.

Also available in blue. A notecard with more info is available by clicking the sign near the flyers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

New Tops and Jeans

Two highly detailed silk tops and a snuggly sweater have been added to the women's clothing store. They come in a variety of colors as well as a all colors discount pack. Also new are some great fitting jeans with NO back pockets for a more sleek line. And who doesn't want that? Jeans packs include jeans for boots and jeans as slack and come with a bonus tank.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Christmas Items Available

Wreaths, blinking string lights (copy), a holiday street light and snowman, and a menorah are just a few of the items now in the courtyard.

Christmas trees range from 2 to 68 prim versions and there are welcome mats, gift boxes, holiday candles and even a cheery coffee tray with steaming mugs for guests.

So stop by the courtyard sometime in the next month or so and make this holiday season especially brilliant