Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Halter Sets

Spring Halter sets are now available in four colors. Each set includes a white halter in 3 layers, printed slacks, tight pants on undies layer, shorts, prims in regular and petite for city shorts and a lovely flowing skirt patterned after the Twilight group. The colors include rose, navy, green and teal. A deeply discounted fat pack is available.

A special tan version when out the existing members of the Samara Studios Fashion group. If you were a registered member at noon today and didn't get yours, let me know.

Find them in Classic Casuals.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taurus and Fashion

Astrology is not fortunetelling, it is an analysis of planetary energies and their relations to our real (and virtual) worlds. If you don't believe in astrology, simply skip this or read it for fun. If you do, feel free to use it as a contemplative starting point or a reflecting pool of sorts. And before you ask -- I have been certified in astrology in RL by one of the top schools. And yes, you really can do that :D

It is difficult to say how much the planets influence us in our virtual world, but each avatar has a human behind it who IS nudged by movements of the stars. Let's take a brief look back at Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19) since it is the start of the zodiac year.

**While each individual (and possibly each avatar if there is more than one) has MANY other energies impacting their own personal charts, these universal energies give us a backdrop of sorts where our individual dramas unfold. **


Aries is a cardinal sign of new beginnings. It welcomes Spring, new growth, new directions, new outlooks. It is ruled by the planet Mars -- fierce spurts of energy, anger, warfare, action. The energies of Aries contain the attitude of fighting the good fight -- righting wrongs, the mother bear protecting her young at all costs.


In the fashion world of Phil's Place we saw new innovations in design, seasoned designers starting completely new product lines, old timers in new settings -- rising from the ashes of shops that were no more. We also saw designers finding new ways to reward their groups and customers. There was a fair amount of conflict on the blogs and this warring energy may have also shown up in situations where groups of designers worked together. People were thinking in new ways and this may have brought about disagreements at times.

As with all the signs, there is a mixture of energies. One of my favorite quotes from the blogs pretty much sums up one side: "IDK - I wish the economy would perk up, but until then guerrilla marketing shall commence." At its best, however, Aries gave designers a push to break out of their old mindsets and start again with renewed energy.


As we move into Taurus (Apr 19 - May 20) much of the enthusiasm and angst dissipate. We are in earth territory now, the fires are dieing down for better or worse and it is a time to regroup. Taurus energy encompasses stability, strength, solidarity, stubbornness, and a need for security.


Designers could find themselves circling back to favorite designs, ones that have stood the test of time and have a comfortable feel. These could be reworked, improved upon or simply used as a model for a slightly different version. It could easily be a down time compared to the last few weeks. If the need to slip under the covers for just another twenty minutes rather than work on that new outfit prevails -- it is simply Taurus at work. The stick-to-it nature of Taurus will get the job done in the end. It is a natural progression of energy and not a fault of any work ethic.

Fashionistas could find themselves going through their inventory trying to find that favorite old pair of jeans, dressing in what seems most comfortable (and comforting) be it a bikini or a ball gown. Low heeled sandals may be the popular choice for the first time since Fall. Or, tennies might be the first chosen style. For many, this will be a month to stay with the tried and true, both in clothes and designers.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Explorer Sandals for Women

No I haven't got two different shoes on (wink). This is simply the vendor picture from the new Explorer Sandals for Women. The mens version has been so popular with women (assuming from their names) buying the mens version, that I decided to make some for the ladies.

Many of the details are similar. They are two toned and with a low heel. The base is wooden with a leather insole. The come in the three colors you see above: smoke, charcoal and chestnut. There is a real life version to see up close and personal on the platform at the store entrance.

Find them at Shoes Simply Shoes

Friday, April 4, 2008

Elements - Off the Shoulder Tops

New off the shoulder Spring and Summer tops are just out at Samara Studios. The pack comes with both sleeved and sleeveless styles. The sleeved version comes in jacket and shirt layers while the cami only version comes in shirt and undershirt layers. So there are lots of wearability choices. A discount fat pack of all five colors is available.

These tops fit TO the pant line so appear tucked in if you are wearing full version slacks of any kind. AND for Samara Studios Fashion group members there is a free top to try. Wear your tag and click on the box near this vendor to get yours.

The tops come in five colors: Fire, Ice, Ocean, Sunrise and Sunset. I bet you can figure which is which, but if not -- the vendors are clearly marked.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Petite and Pregnancy Shapes

Two new petite shapes have been added to the shapes department at Classic Casuals. Meet Joni and Dianna -- 5 foot 2 and 5 foot 5 (well maybe not quite petite by RL standards but in 2ndL this is short (wink) -- respectively.

Planning on have a virtual little one sometime soon? The first of the PREGNANCY shapes are now up. One is Michele at 5 foot 2. She is joined by Connie who is a lofty 5 foot 8. The pregnancy shapes included four shapes which grow (in many areas - wink) as your pregnancy continues. All shapes are mod- copy of course. The standard pregnancy shapes include a bit of general weight gain, a spreading bottom region and a small amount of added roundness in the face. Tummy and breast enlargement is of course mandatory. Find them in the shapes department near the central courtyard.

The Corporatizing of "Phil's Place"

I am not a big wave maker -- in RL or 2ndL (wink) but as I went to drink my first lovely cup of City Coffee of the day I found that something was nagging at me and just wouldn't let go. The blogs were full of news this morning that Armidi had added to their team ( According their post Sofia Gray, Public Relations Manager, states that these new avatars will work "within the style boundaries set by Armidi".

When I came to our joint virtual world a year and a half ago it was MUCH smaller and to be fair, it wasn't nearly as pretty as it is now. We had a few big name designers and even fewer small shops. What we did have was INDIVIDUALITY. The whole point of "Phil's Place" was to go forth and create (or enjoy the products of those that did if you weren't a creative sort). Now that the world is growing and people are coming to it with dollar signs in their eyes -- are we going to lose all that?

And no, I am not upset that I wasn't asked to join up. I just make everyday clothes at everyday prices. That's the tag line and within that I try to get creative now and then. If my seams match and the clothes look good on most avatars, I'm a happy camper. There is no way I want to be in the "fashion world" and I can say with certainty that I would still be in my own shop had an offer appeared in my mailbox. Others have and I have said no. I just want to do my own thing.

But what about all the other wonderfully creative designers out there that are having trouble making their tier or getting their names out there. Will they follow suit and become a mesh of cookie cutter conglomerates? I SO hope not.

As Ivey says (I'm paraphrasing here so I hope I get it close to correct) - Buy what you like, not what you think you should because someone tells you it is the style.

Addendum: Apparently this was all an April Fool's joke. Since it seems like a lot of people did NOT get it (smile) it is probably a GOOD thing it was out there? Joke or no. Something to think about.

There was a lot of chattering on about this post. I am just adding my answer to that here so that it can be referrenced :) in the future.

I am not upset that the "joke was on me". I however do not think it is very funny. For many people -- and especially those that have been watching "from a distance" this is not far from the direction things have been going. Especially all the new (cough) three month old designers and new (cough - wink) shops that are springing up. I wonder how funny this may seem in a year --- or not. A very happy April 1st to your all. I'm going back to work when I can log in again. Cheers.