Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Sale!

The shoe store has been remodeled and enlarged for a better shopping experience!

**********Summer Sale Items***********

The popular Elana sandals are now on sale for $150 a pair.
They come in nine colors including pastels for Spring.

Click picture for larger view.

Find them at Shoes Simply Shoes

These items on sale now in Classic Casuals --

Bolero Tops - 10 styles to choose from. As low as $20 each in fat packs. Shirt and jacket layers.

Spring halter sets now $125. Includes "Twilight Delights" style skirt, pants, shorts (2 styles) and white halter.

Swimsuits now $125

There are now TEN - $10 items on the specials board in the center of Classic Casuals.

The FREE OUTFIT is still available there also.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Stars: A Gift!

Yes, I admit -- I have perhaps been watching a bit too much of Dancing with the Stars (an American TV show). I just put out a free gift in the special area in the middle of Classic Casuals. It includes, top with sleeves, bikini, leggings and skirt with attached belt.

Have fun!

New Twilight Delights Colors

Just up -- three new colors of the EXTREMELY popular dress featured in Sexy Seconds this month. The newest versions feature summery floral prints in soft and feminine colors. The skirt -- as always -- floats beautifully. A 3 for 2 fatpack is available.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New $10 Top and Sale Items

A new pastel paisley top with texture belt has been added to the specials area of the main store. The Boutique opening tops are also there now cause I know you love those $10 Linden items (wink).

And the Primavera Dresses with trimmed shorts are marked down to $25 as I make room for new items. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Don't Get Out Much!

I really don't. But Sn@tch is having a modeling contest and it was great to get out of my workaday persona. I also wanted to support Ivey as I think she does a great job! So I went back in time a bit before I had a mini empire (laughing here) and worked so much. And it was great!

Thank you Ivey and best of success with your show!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bonus Dress Special

To celebrate having a Samara Studios dress in the newest Sexy Seconds Magazine, I will am offering this dress (Twilight Delight White) as a bonus gift for anyone that purchases ANY collection from the collections store at :

Thank you Dion for being a great customer and thank you Wonder for being a good photographer and letting me link to your Flickr photo!

This will be announced on Fashcon and to the group tomorrow. Offer good until midnight May 7. I will just send them automatically. No need for a notecard. If you purchase a collection and DO NOT receive a bonus dress, please let me know. We know how friendly Phil's Place has been of late :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Boutique Opening Special $10L

Two new bright summer tops are just out at the new Boutique shop in Whiskers. Find them as you come in the door. $10 Lindens each -- cause I know you love those $10 Linden items (wink).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Boutique Location

There is a new boutique location of Samara Studios in Whiskers -- Whiskers 82/52/36!

It is perfect for those of you who want to come and look quickly at the best sellers. I'll be adding some more $10 items here soon. Shoes, shapes and a much more extensive selection is still in Gembong.

That's the news.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's YOUR Number?

Some of you may have seen the post in the official blog about the new Avatar Rendering Counter.It let's your know how hard the server is working to render (draw) your avatar. You can see the number floating above the heads on those near you as well as yourself. Handy.

So what does all this mean for the future? Presumably some clever script guys will make an "entry gate" that won't let people in with a number over -- say 500 (very good but 1 is best - wink). This got me wondering about my wardrobe which is naturally fairly simple except for my everyday OMGthatissogorgeouswheredidyougetit--CalicoCreations hair. I did a little test for curiosity sake and thought you might want to see what happened.

These are different versions of a VERY PLAIN outfit.
Click the photo for a larger view.

  • The one on the far right is my normal attire. THE BIG RED NUMBER is BAD. BAD BAD NUMBER - LOL. It includes 25 prims per shoe, facelight and HAIR.
  • The picture in the middle is the same but with simpler (ETD Sideswipe in this case) hair.
  • The picture with the lowest number is the same but without hair. Something I would almost NEVER do.
  • And, If I take off ALL attachments and just have on a top and pants (no prims), my magic number is ONE! How great is that?
The big offenders are obvious to many of us. Blinging jewelry (which seems to be out of fashion of late anyway - at least in the places I visit) and hair. Animation overrides don't figure in this number as they are not "rendered". They still cause lag of course. I was amazed how much my C G Facelight added to the mix (48 points) -- especially since windlight doesn't love us so much without it. HMMM.

Still, you can see by the center picture that you can look fairly well dressed in crowded places with a very low and happily green number. For me it was all about the hair.

So, I went through my personal hair inventory and picked out a few of the styles that are low numbers on the rendering scale. These are by NO MEANS the only low number styles, just ones I had in my inventory. And not too surprisingly many of the best ones for server strain are FREE. the more transparent and flexi prims and the more complex the design, the higher the number.

  • *booN free hair NMR32
  • *DH*Mysena Romance
  • *TRUTH* Danny (VERY low number)
  • Bewitched Rosa (VERY low number)
  • Calla Lucerne
  • Curl Up and Dye: Dani, Flying Nun, Geisha, Lara, Nyna, Rico
  • ETD: Airy, Chandra, Sideswipe, Vixen, Casual, Lily, Jessica II, Jolleen, Bedded Attitude, Simply Sassy
  • Gurl6: Babe, Abundance, Nikki, Impulse
  • Philotic Energy: Beri, Boyd, Eliane
  • WRONG: Style 1

If you want to check your own numbers, you need the latest release candidate (Second Life 1.20.5 (86279) Apr 30 2008 00:22:51) or later. You need to turn on your ADVANCED menu if it isn't showing. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D will do it. Sorry, I don't know the MAC keys.

Here's the path you need to turn on Avatar Rendering Costs. Have fun and spend those rendering costs wisely if your in a crowd. Cinco De Mayo is coming up :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elements: Swimwear

Sometimes you want to be NOTICED but not EXPOSED (wink). Elements one piece swimsuits solve that problem. Available in five colors as well as a discounted Fat Pack, each top and bottom come in two layers. A flexi prim tie is included for a bit of sassy fun. And of course while it wasn't my PLAN (LOL), you can also wear the top with pants or a skirt. Find them on a previously empty wall by the lawn area between Classic Casuals and Collections.

May Drawing Winner!

Congratulations to Carmen Szapira, the May winner at Samara Studios Fashion -- an update group. Carmen picked the Velossity -- no it isn't spelled incorrectly (wink) -- racing leathers in BLUE as her gift.

The next drawing will be June 1. To be eligible you need to be a member of Samara Studios Fashion and have one of the three fashion areas at Samara Studios (Collections, Classic Casuals or Shoes Simply Shoes) in your picks. People in my friends list are not eligible.

The winner gets any one item of their choice. This includes collections and fat packs as well as shoes.