Monday, December 15, 2008

More on the Closing

I posted a couple of days ago that Samara Studios (all parts) will be closing. Since then I have received a lot of nice "sorry you are leaving - I love your clothes" message which I truly appreciate as well as quite a few people wanting to buy my goods as full perm products. So it seemed wise to clarify what is happening to Samara Studios.


I am still busily creating although mostly in the prim areas on the Openlife grid where I have a sim named FANTASTIC (really).

I am not interesting in selling any of my goods as full perms objects. Actually I am against that in practice as well as spirit believing that those that make the goods should be the sole benefactors of sales (smile).

So, that sets that straight. There will be a few things on the OnRez site still unless my OnRez box refuses to make the move to my new 512 abode. There will be no other store. I am not planning on a new store in a few months or anything like that. Things change of course, but all my apples are currently in a basket in Openlife where I am having a glorious time with great new building tools and more to come.

For those of you thinking "oh a new grid!" -- Openlife is NOT READY from prime time. If you are a builder you might love it there if your sense of adventure is great enough. But beware, do your homework and ask questions.

I will still be at Phil's. I am paid up until the end of September at least so I have no plans to kill myself off. But for the near future, I have left the building.

Samara Studios will be closing for good (people have been asking that also) around Christmas. Since there are issues ("issues") with the estate holder I don't know the exact day. It may be longer, but I can't guarantee that.

Until it goes up in a poof of "Return to Owner" magic, all FASHION will be on sale for 50% off.

That's pretty much the whole story and will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful holiday season. I am glad I was here when I was here!